Problems with onion skins

hi ! i just downloaded pencil2d and im trying to do a quick animation to test it out, the program is very good, although, im having problems with the onion skin, it simply doesnt show up ! has anyone ever have a similar problem ? i dont really seem to find anything on the help tab about it, if you know what this is can you help me resolve it ? thank you in advance TwT

ps: i am that not used PC animation programs, i am extremely new to this, used to make animations on mobile and the layouts are quite different hahah, sorry if this is a dumb question

Welcome the the forums, puppyv0m1t! I hope you enjoy this brilliant software more in the future!

So, can you find this menu and turn it on if it isn’t?:


HOWEVER, if your issue is not the fact that it is turned off, than try using the deselect shortcut keys to “refresh” the display a little…

Perhaps the opacity isn’t up, or the way you are animating has two of the same drawing next to each other? Are there any more details you have on this issue?

The onion skin should look like this: image

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will try this ! thank you so much

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it worked !! wow !! really thank you so much for the help !!


@JoeyH Thanks for helping out!

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