Problems with duplication and transforming frames

Hi, everybody. I’m having some trouble figuring out how to work with the duplicate frames function. When I duplicate a frame, then select whatever image in the frame and then move it, the changes seem to be made to all the previous frames. So every frame is now at the same position as the last frame. Same goes for resizing. If I right click on the last frame I get a message about switching layers, and if I say yes to this, the last frame is moved to the position I want it at. Probably not too good of an explanation, so I made a little screengrab to show what I mean.

@anokah Hi, yes it’s because you have to apply the transformation (i.e click outside the selection with the move tool) before duplicating the frame.

I don’t know the particulars about this, and will surely discuss this with the devs. I find that moving through the timeline is very useful but I think one of the devs made it so you weren’t supposed to move between frames if the transformation is not applied, which is why when you try to select the frame with the cursor the warning is shown, but using the shortcuts period (.) and comma (,) isn’t regulated yet so trying to move like that doesn’t pop a warning.

So in summary this is the process:

  1. Duplicate frame (F6)
  2. Create selection (M)
  3. Transform (move, rotate, scale) (V)
  4. Click outside selection or press (Enter) to confirm transformation
  5. Repeat

If you do it like you showed you’ll move, which in other circumstances can help a lot if you messed up moving your drawing but since it’s not an intended feature, we will have to test it further to see how to improve this area.

@anokah Actually I just tested this and you can still do what you were doing in the video (duplicating, moving the drawing), but you just have to click outside of the selection to confirm after you’ve moved each drawing.

Visually it appears as if you moved all the frames, but this is not what’s really happening, it’s just because you still are in the transform mode, but once you confirm the change only the current frame will be transformed. I agree though that it might be a bit confusing :sweat_smile:

Hey, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: I work at a school with kids with asperger, and this one kid had a meltdown today about this. And I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong. He claimed that it used to be a different process, but who knows. So you’ve not only helped me, but a frustrated kid who loves animation as well :slight_smile:

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@anokah He’s actually right, it used to be a different process, but it has been changing to provide more stability with the program. The problem is that since we’re volunteers it’s very difficult to communicate every change we make. I’m working on improving our communications channels and making a manual but i’m right now unemployed and actively looking for a job, so it’s getting more daunting to work on all the little things that the software requires. That said however if you or your kids have any question please feel free to message us and I’ll be more than glad to answer and try to solve your queries :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, that’s great :slight_smile: And good luck with the job hunt!