Problems importing a sound file


I recently startet with Pencil 2D and so far have a lot of fun with it. I did a short animation and added a sound file that I just had recorded with my Smartphone. It is a m4a . It worked perfectly and I could export it, but only once. When I tried to import it again and into another project, it just didn’t´t work any longer.-strange! The folder with the sound file showed only whitened options and the button “open” was enabled. Could only press “cancel”…
Hope you have answers. Thank´s in advance,


@firstcat2 Hi. Right now Pencil2D only works properly with MP3 and WAV sound files. Please convert your m4a file to either format. You can use free software to accomplish this like audacity( or similar audio editor.

We hope as well that the software will be able to import more sound formats in the future.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: To know that this is a matter of format only helps. Still it is confusing why it worked once.
cheers! D.