Problem with Tool Width

–Issue Overview–
Before some of the newer update I used to be able to get the width of a tool, like “Pen, Pencil and Brush” down to “1”. It would create very thin lines. Now after the updates, if I set the width of a tool to “1” it yields nothing.

Does anyone know if this can be fixed, or if there is another solution to creating a thinner line?

Never mind, I fixed it myself. I went into my Windows Registry Editor (regedit) to find the software. When it was found, I discovered the registry “brushWidth” and cycled through the numbers from “0.5” all the way to “1.9”. I closed and reopened the program every time I changed a number.

The sweet spot was at “1.429999999”. It gave me the result I was looking for.

Yeah this is part of an ongoing problem with the brush engine, 1 pixel stroke width doesn’t always yield 1 pixel strokes. +1 for workaround though :smiley: