Problem with Smudge Tool in Vector drawing mode

You can hide the selection, by clicking on the Move tool, but when you click on the smudge tool the selection is then shown again.

If you click on a vector layer, say Test_20-04-24.pclx (12.3 KB)

Then the only way that I have found to deselect the control handle activation is to save the file, then exit Pencil2D, reload Pencil2D and then open the file that yo have just saved.

The view below is what should happen when the used deselects the Smudge tool, by clicking on the Move tool or using the Select tool?

I’m not being critical for the sake of being critical, but Scribblemaniac asked me to check the Nightly Build for errors in vector mode!

The good news is that I’ve used the pen, brush and pencil tools to draw lines and then fill, all these operations worked as they should.

The Polyline tool now works correctly.

There are problems with the Erase tool, in that if you apply it to a shape, then using the Undo function an then used the erase tool on another shape, it applies the Erase Tool to the same shape as the previous action.

The Move tool works correctly and so does the Paint Bucket.

P.S. I’ve only just remembered, well i’m only a human being! That to cancel a Smudge tool selection, as shown in the top screen illustration. In previous versions including 0.6.6 the used selects the Move tool and clicks outside of either a single shape or outside all of the shapes to deselect the display the control points! I realise that the developers don’t want to use this method, within future versions.

I suggest that clicking with the Smudge tool could be used as the selection cancel method.

You can hide the control points by clicking on the Move tool.

but the next time you use the Smudge tool, the control points from the last time you used it are still selected.

The ears are copies of each other, you can select the 2 of them, but only 1 has the selection light blue line, it appears as if both are selected, but you can only move in this case the right ear!

The control points used before this point in the editing process also are displayed after the Hand tool is activated too. The only way to de-active them, as mentioned in the last post is to save the project and the reload it using the Open from the top line menu!

I’ve now been using various Nightly Builds of Pencil2D for some time. I’ve identified a few niggles in the first 2 posting in this topic.

The selection method is unconventional, but when I’ve become accustomed to it works. If the above mentioned niggles are sorted then the tools will be very usable.

Overall impression of the Nighly Build excellent work!

An interesting occurance, when you use the Polyline tool in vector mode, the on screen image is a bitmapped one.

It doesn’t stay that way and when you use the Smudge tool, it converts to look correct for vector operations.

The above is a querk of Pencil2D, not aa bug.