Problem with select tool in vector layers - Nightly Build 17 April 2024

The Pencil2D project files is Select_Shapes.pclx (5.3 KB)

When you select the Vector Layer, you’ll see three vector shapes. In production version 0.6.6 it is possible to select shapes 1 & 3 without selecting shape 2.

With the Nightly Build, you get agonisingly close, with the selection bounding box in the correct position, but only one of the shape selected, as shown by the thin blue line superimposed over the vector line.

In version 0.6.6 you can select one of the shapes say shape 3 press the key and then select the other shape in this case shape 1. They would then both be selected and you could then Move, Rotate or change the size of both selected shapes.

I’m sorry but today, i have found another problem with the Nightly Build version and vector drawing tools.

Then you copy the shape into Frame 4 and you want to change the colour to red.

Currently you have to change the Line and fill to the new colour.

Then deselect the shape.

Select the line by drawing a small selection box as shown below

This selects only the line and you can then select the desired colour.

Previously you simply selected the line with the move tool, I understand you want to make the Vector tools work in a similar way to the Bitmapped ones.

My suggestion would be to allow user to select the line, by using the selection tool totally withing the fill area, not touch or intersecting with line and then click.


But in drawing Smiler ihave discovered a few more problems with the vector tools in the Nightly Build.

But further investigation, I have discovered that these were artefacts of the conversion from a vector image to a bitmapped one, which is required because the computer monitor is a bitmapped device.

The conversion takes a noticeable time interval. They say everything comes to those who wait, a little!

My work file for this exercise is Change_Fill.pclx (19.9 KB)