Problem opening a p2d file

Good morning, my name is Andrea Mazzolari, i’m a researcher at physics department of Ferrara University (Italy). I wish to open a file 2ith p2d exension, and as far as i know it was made with pencil2d. Using pencil2d, i got the error message reported below. Since the error says “Recognized Old Pencil2D File Format”, i understand that an old version of pencil2D should open the file. Could you please help me to identify the correct version to open this file ? (I wish to upload the file, but upload is blocked by the forum due incompatible file extension…) Best regards, Andrea Mazzolari

Raw file path: C:/Users/andre/Downloads/URSM 002 w2t__1-32 Sample 2.raw.p2d

Resolved file path: C:/Users/andre/Downloads/URSM 002 w2t__1-32 Sample 2.raw.p2d File name: C:/Users/andre/Downloads/URSM 002 w2t__1-32 Sample 2.raw.p2d Is old format: true Recognized Old Pencil2D File Format (*.pcl) ! XML file: C:/Users/andre/Downloads/URSM 002 w2t__1-32 Sample 2.raw.p2d Data folder: C:/Users/andre/Downloads/URSM 002 w2t__1-32 Sample Working folder: C:/Users/andre/AppData/Local/Temp/Pencil2D/URSM 002 w2t__1-32 Sample 2.raw_Y2xD_rsovrgk2/ Error parsing or opening the main XML file System Info Pencil2D version: 0.6.6 (stable) Build ABI: x86_64-little_endian-llp64 Kernel: winnt, 10.0.22621 Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0) end

@muppy Hi Ms Mazzolari.

From your information, there are two possibilities. That while saving the project last time the saving procedure was interrupted and thus the file was corrupted, or that the file was renamed incorrectly and the software can’t open it.

First off from what I see the apparent extension is wrong already. p2d is not a valid extension for this software but rather PCLX (A Zip file that contains the images) or PCL (an address-book like file based off XML format that looks inside a nearby .data folder with all the resources.

In this case it’s possible that some of your colleagues or assistants might have renamed the file to .p2d by mistake however unless your operating system allows you to see the extension of the file (under windows you have to enable this, under linux it should be visible by default AFAIK)

On the other hand if you subscribe into the file name so many “dots” the software has been empirically found to misunderstand that anything after a period is to be taken as a file extension If I’m not mistaken.

  1. As a first workaround please make a hard copy of the on your hard drive and rename it to something simpler, without spaces and without special characters. and try to open that. If the file continues to fail to be opened, then you will need to use option 2)

  2. Please visit the following guide and follow the Save File VerificationProcedure in section #5

This will guide you to open the Pencil2D file and extract it’s contents as long as the main ZIP file is not corrupted (this is rare but can happen when there’s a black out or a very invasive third party antivirus)


While I acknowledge your account of your research department using Pencil2D, an animation software, for their endeavors, I recall the p2d file extension is also the extension of a German CAD software called PointLine CAD.

In case it’s not a mistaken assumption by a different researcher, please check that the file has been indeed created with our open source volunteer project (Pencil2D), or instead by a different commercial CAD software.

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