Problem importing image sequence

I created an image sequence in Photoshop (over 100 PNGs) which imports fine to Pencil2D, but the sequence is off-centre relative to the camera layer. How can I fix this?

@JonR Actually I think this is a bug. I’ve noticed this issue as well as it seems the 0,0 X,Y coordinates are at the center of the canvas but the import command brings the images as if their “center” was at the top left corner of the image, at least for me.

For now I can only suggest to either move the camera layer (with the hand tool) to reposition the camera frame relative to the image sequence.

@JonR Hmm I’m trying out to import an image sequence on a new file and Im no longer getting this problem. Can you try to download the latest development version / nightly build from this page and try out if this newer version works better?

Thanks for your reply. I think - through a lot of trial and error - I’ve worked out how to do it.

(Apologies if this is all dealt with in a manual somewhere, but “Help” just goes to the website with various tutorials and the forum. This seems to be the way software is going now - the new Photoshop is the same and it’s damned annoying! I want to be able to index a topic or browse a contents page, to know how everything works, not just a few things someone has decided to make a tutorial about. I’m making my own notes constantly on how to do things, as I discover them one by one - in a sense making my own manual. I realise the program is free, so this is not a huge complaint - it’s a different matter with Adobe…)

Anyway - in case it helps anyone else (who is being as dumb as me) -
When the bitmap sequence is on its first keyframe - i.e., together with the camera layer keyframe.- then it works, although still in what seems like a strange way.
Click the bitmap layer, and the hand tool and zoom work on both (all) layers together.
Click on the camera layer, and the hand tool and zoom work on the bitmap layer (not the camera layer).
That seems counter-intuitive, but at least I can get the job done, and re-size the camera layer to fit my animation.

While I’m here - one little niggle with the brush and pencil tools (I wonder if anyone else agrees). I don’t like way they are followed all around by a little arrow (indicating the point where it applies) - it makes it look like the brush has loose hairs! It’s hardly surprising that the point of the icon is where it acts, and one doesn’t need constant reminders. (The cross-hair option is less appealing for me.)

I’m using v. 0.5.0, by the way, but I will certainly download the latest version. I’m an old school animator and I like the simplicity of the program. Once I get used to its idiosyncrasies!

@JonR There’s been people working on the manual, albeit a bit slowly since we’re all volunteers.

To answer your predicament. Yes, the translate / zoom tool works differently on either layer. This is by design, as if you had a camera separate from your paper / cel. However this is indeed an undocumented behavior, so please don’t say you’re dumb :slight_smile:

Now, If you use the hand tool on the bitmap / vector layers, you will move the CANVAS VIEW. If you use it on the camera layer, you will move the CAMERA, while the canvas remain stationary. I’ve filled in a feature request to allow to resize the canvas view while in the camera layer, to see the whole frame, but it will take time.

To reset both VIEW and CAMERA you have to select either layer (you can only select one at a time) and press CTRL + H / CMD + H (mac) to reset the view or the camera position to it’s default state.

You can change the drawing cursor over in the preferences. Got to the menu EDIT > PREFERENCES > GENERAL > And play turning on / off the [X] Tool Cursor and [x] Dotted Cursor options to see which one you prefer. Deactivating both will bring the large crosshair.

The Pencil2D team hopes to improve the software as much as possible but not many people are interested in helping on the programming side, so out of all the features we want to implement, they will take a while.

Thanks Jose - I appreciate the situation, and the work you’re doing!

I do understand the cursor options. I like the dotted cursor, especially on the eraser. It’s only those little waggling arrows on the pencil and brush that I find irritating - I still prefer the brush or pencil to the crosshair alone.

If I can suggest yet another tweak (just to give you another headache :smile: ) … It seems to me that (in the Preferences) the onion skin options belong under Timeline rather than Tools. Obviously I know where they are now, but it took me a few goes to remember,