Preview version of custom keyboard shortcuts

Dear all,

This is a preview version of custom keyboard shortcuts build.

Just replace the Pencil.exe of 0.5.3b with the following one:

then you can customize all shortcuts in Edit->Preferences->Shortcuts

2 more things

  1. Pencil2D need an icon for shortcuts page, could anyone provide one?

    Current icon is here.

  2. I think it’s time to discuss reasonable DEFAULT shortcuts. Some weird shortcuts have been corrected, ex. Ctrl+A for Select all.

    But we should keep an eye on other shortcuts, Which one should keep, which one need change? Any shortcuts convention from Photoshaop? Flash?


Only windows preview version now, give me a shout if Mac guys need one.

Great job @Matt!

I tried to build this new binary and at the end it will only pop up an empty window with the name MainWindow.

I just opened Qt-Creator and went to a new project, point the right path and after clicking on building nothing happens.

If clicking on the executable, it will bring up an error installation: need to re-install phonon4.dll
(win7 64bits)


I guess you built the wrong empty project, it always end up with an empty window called MainWindow. Qt Creator could open several project at the same time, make sure pencil project is the active project.

And This is normal that clicking on the executable does not work. It need Qt dll libraries, just like phonon4.dll, QtGui4.dll etc. that i provide in windows release.

Something happened. Now the old builds made from you do not open as before, only an empty MainWindow.

I will try later

Hi @Matt,

How things are doing? Did you get more help as a developer lately? Hope so :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay but something got really wrong with my last attend to replace the pencil.exe for the one you provided here.
it kept showing me the empty window, so I decided to go back to the others source code I got here, but none of them worked, only empty window as well.
I decided to uninstall the building soft and re-install it again, but next day my computer only showed bluescreens, couldn´t login.
Yesterday everything seems back to normal since I managed to uninstall the whole building package.

Let´s get back to work :slight_smile:

Oh, blue screens…that sounds serious, @Kaiko, hope it doesn’t break your computer.