Preview Animation

Hello I’m new here and I’m not sure if this has been discussed or not. How do you preview your animation? What I do right now is export movie and then view it in place of a preview. However that takes way too long! So is there a faster option?

@Coollavinia Apologies didn’t see this message in the feed.

When you export you can reduce the export size to make it faster, that option will only effect the final video not your animation size.

You can also let it playback a few times to “load” the drawings into memory, that way the program will “cache” enough memory to run all your frames smoothly. If you have more than 200 however you might need to adjust an advanced setting in Edit > Preferences > General > And towards the bottom you’ll see the [Advanced] section > Cached Frame Number (amount of persistently loaded frames on memory)

Warning: If your animation has more than 500 frames, only increase this is you have at least 8GB of ram.

Lastly, Pencil2D devs are pending the implementation of an actual preview window, but there is no ETA for that implementaiton, unfortunately.

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