Pressure sensitivity

No matter what setting i adjust in the tablet sensitivity setting, It takes alot off pressure for the lines to show up on all tools

@pawn Good evening, can you tell us more about your system specs? It is rather difficult to help without proper specific information so please answer the following questions:

  1. What version of Pencil2D are you using -> To know this go to the menu Help > About
  2. What brand of tablet are you using? (i.e Wacom, Genius, etc)
  3. What Operative System are you using? (i.e Windows 7, MAC OS Snow Leopard, Ubuntu, etc)
  4. Depending on your tablet brand what kind of software are you using to adjust the tablet sensitivity? Is it the driver software or some kind of third party plugin?

With these answers we might be able to better assist you into improving your experience. If for some reason I can’t help you, then we’ll have to report it on our issue tracker, but only if we can’t solve through normal means. I’ll be pending your response, and thank you for your patience.

Hey there Jose sorry it took me so long to get caught up. So my system specs are irrelevant i believe it is the tablet. It works on all of my Wacom offerings. I just got a new Cintiq alternative called the Ugee 2150. And the the sensitivity adjustmet is part of the tablet display drivers.

Oh yeah it is windows 10 and it is the nightly build 2016039

@pawn Hmm I’ve never heard of the Ugee brand. As far as I know Pencil2D should work with any “wintab” based driver for Windows, but then all I can recommend is to update your drivers (I’m sure you already did this though) and try to change the sensitivity settings to the lowest possible value on your driver settings, which is actually not that uncommon, I do it too with my Wacom tablet, but it is possible that we need to update the Qt version that compiles Pencil2D.

If you want could you do me a favor and test the latest Krita 3.0? they said they broadened Tablet support by porting their project to QT 5. If your Ugee works with Krita without issues please let us know, then we might have to consider upgrading to QT 5 somehow (I’m unsure how to do that to be honest without help) so other tablet brands can be properly recognized by the software.

Either way all the best and I hope you can at least solve most of your issues.

Hey There Jose! Krita works great. The tablet they support that mine came from is Huion. But the drivers are better from for windows 10. I use pencil for exporting animation frames as images to touch up in a vector program. So I use Pencil quite alot!

@pawn Duly noted then. I can’t promise you things will improve overnight but I’ll promise that I’ll bring to our lead developer’s attention this issue so we can consider migrating / porting Pencil2D to the QT5 framework when there is at least a stable version to replace the current one.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more assistance but it seems this calls for programming skills I have yet to possess. Have a great week!.

I also have a problem with the syncing of Pencil2D with my tablet. My tablet is also from UGEE and i checked it with other softwares and it does not have that problem. There would be this huge lag when I draw on the tablet before the Pencil software begins to draw it. I also have a Mac computer version 10.11 El Capitan. Sorry to bother and thank you for your hard work!

@quickwisp99 Hi! We’re having reports of this problem with the UGEE screen, right now Pencil2D is a bit barebones regarding support, particularly for MAC OS, however we’re working hard with the few volunteers that can code for MAC to see how to work round this issue. We understand that compatibility is important, however it will take some time. For now I’ll link this thread to a recent report we got, just so the devs know that MAC OS is being affected by this issue.

Thanks for taking the time to report!

Thank you for the information!