Possible Wiki Related Bug?

Hey, i was trying to edit the Tutorials main index just to give it a nice presentation and well i read afterwards that we don’t have the authority as a wiki authors to change it (sorry!), but after i pressed update and i got the alert that i wasnt authorized, i then went and pressed the “view post” hyperlink and it did update the page index!, just thought i should point that out.

On the other hand i don’t know if the way i layed out the index is ok for you, but if it is, i was hoping to add at a later time perhaps some kind of animation course outline to learn animation with pencil, but that’s another idea i have when the program is stable enough to work with, we’ll see if i have time to do it as well :), for now ill try to contribute with tutorials for the novice to learn pencil as a software for animation.

Anyway have a nice time (its night over here so, g’night!)