Possible Merge Layers Tool

Sometimes when it comes to making clean final lines, it’s nice to be able to use “temp layers” where I can have lines I work on as a seperate layer, so when I use the eraser it doesn’t interfere with the other final lines I’ve already made, once that is finished I like to merge that layer to the same layer that my other clean lines are on. And that helps when I need to nudge a layer over.

Currently if I wanted to nudge a layer over, say a layer of someone walking across the screen, but I had the hair animated on a different layer as the body, I would have to nudge both layers individually.

So I guess what I’m thinking is either being able to merge layers for a cleaner work space and easier moving of connected objects, or a way to group or parent layers would be extremely helpful.

I think this is a great idea too !

Merging layers is definitely useful at times. I try to keep layers whenever possible, though, just in case. So if you want to move two layers together, another possible feature might be the ability to link layers, so when you move or scale one, the linked layer is moved or scaled with it.

Then again…nudging a layer as a whole isn’t really available, unless i’m missing something, so i suspect you’re selecting a part of the layer and nudging that…in which case layer linking wouldn’t work anyway. so…just consider this another ramble =o)

another possible feature might be the ability to link layers

Well, I definitely think that, better than merging or linking layers, the timeline could support nested layers.
It would resolve all this ! :slight_smile:

I did create a topic about it : Timeline : nested layers

If you agree with the idea, I could close this topic so we could discuss the idea on the new topic.