Possible Memory leak?

I just rendered a movie and the memory usage went up and stayed there.

It is my self compiled version.

before i load the pencil app, the memory is at 670MB. After loading it is at 720 MB. After rendering of the movie it is constantly at about 970MB. When i leave the program, all memory is released. So about 670MB again.

I doubt it’s a memory leak. It’s probably the frame cache. Pencil2D needs to hold some frames in memory for smooth playback. They will be loaded whenever a frame is read, including during editing, previewing, and exporting. They are unloaded when when the memory exceeds the amount of memory specified in Preferences > General > Memory Cache Budget. If frames have been modified, they will not be removed from memory at least until the changes have been saved.

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You are right. There is no memory leak. When you start a new project the memory (which was used to render the movie) is then released. I am sorry for bringing this topic up.


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