Poorly expressed math- Sines and circles

It’s definitely not the teachers’ choice.

But it was done in Pencil2D, and that’s what really matters here!


“You said you would destroy the Sith, not join them!” i hate math

I only enjoy the math related to programming, otherwise I’m not good.

Nice video.

I personally love maths. It’s like a bag full of funny puzzles.

Don’t compute the square root, just compute the square distance between two points and square of distance you want :). A multiplication is easier to compute than a square root:

if (a²+b²) <= d² then It’s in the circle

On computer code machine (hard wired instructions), as far I know, only RISC-V vector processor extension, have included 1/square-root function (useful to compute unit vector, but not square-root irself (you can still compute the inverse of this result: 1/(1/square root) to have the square root.

To help love a bit more math, I made an interactive tutorial explanation of relation between sin/cos and circles. do you know than e is related to the sum of cos + sin ? This is why complex number help a lot in computation of trigonometry.

Thank you for the info! I’m definitely not a math person…

We are all math person, even before we start to unlearn it around 1 to 2 year old. We sometime are less interested by this subject :).