Polyline curves don't work properly

Hi, I just cloned the repository from github. Here is my architecture : Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bits) / Qt creator 2.4.1 / Qt 4.8.0 (64bits).

I successfully compiled pencil, everything seems fine excepted polyline curves don’t work properly :

Polyline problem

Curves don’t appear and the tool behaves anormaly. Any idea what’s wrong ?

Philippe Lucidarme


I think it’s always been broken, at least on bitmap layers (or maybe i just have no idea how to use the tool). Maybe you’re talking about polylines on a vector layer, though, since you mentioned curves. After creating the initial lines you can use the finger/smudge tool to edit points on the curve.

I guess that might still not be what you’re talking about, and so i’ll return to my original comment that i think polyline on bitmap layer has always looked sloppy, probably even before the pencil2d fork. Also the double-click to end the line is the biggest pain, especially when using a tablet (i can’t get my stylus to double-click about 90% of the time).

So anyway, yeah, i think you’re right that this is probably a bug, or at least a feature that needs tweaking at some point.

Bump for never being fixed (at least not in the latest nightly build)

I recently noticed a problem with the tool myself. The first click gets a weird jag and the whole curve afterward is ugly.

I don’t remember having this problem with the original Pencil, and the tool was useful for making smooth curves even if I was using a mouse. Now it’s totally broken, I can’t even adjust like thickness.

Here’s a screenshot, I clicked those black points (I am aware that it was designed to not smooth lines if the corner is too sharp).

So it’s only really useful for straight lines right now.