Poly Tool

So what’s the deal with the Poly tool? Did it used to work?

I have never seen it work correctly. In another hand, because of that, I have never really used it.

I just started using pencil and the poly tool has already made me frustrated beyond belief. It keeps deleting the lines around it and won’t work properly for a couple of minutes after that. I really hope they fix this soon.

Yeah, those bugs have been reported. There are currently 55 active bugs. Is the poly tool the one that’s bothering you the most?

As I don’t use it, it doesn’t bother me too much but it is an important tool and we will have to fix it.

Hey! I fixed bug #443 on my machine. I’m eager to solve more bugs regarding poly line tool. :slight_smile:

@mani_nesan Cool! I think you commented on the Github, I don’t know how to go about submitting code, but I think you need to have your own branch where you fix stuff and then you make “pull requests” so the main developer can accept it. Hopefully the others can guide you better than I can.

On a side Note maybe we need to create a guide on how Github works? I’ll se how to do that later on.

Thanks Mani.

All of the bugs are viewable on the Issues page

There you can see who is working on what bug and what currently has a pr open

This link to the issues page has the following filters set on it:

  • is a bug
  • isn't assigned to anyone
  • doesn't have a pull request open

I don’t know if this would work, but I thought I just throw the thought out for discussion. It seems like we’re having bugs that are in certain sections of the code. I wonder if it would make sense to group them together a bit with a custom label on the github issue list. Sound, Bitmap, PolyTool, seems like natural groupings.

I was thinking of the same thing especially for the sound and polytool. I’ll do it now because we don’t lose anything by having it.

after labeling the poly and sound I feel like there aren’t enough issues in each category to make labeling them worthwhile

Seemed sort nice to group all the like stuff together… I suppose if we keep knocking the bugs down quicker than they’re coming in it won’t be that big of a deal