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Hi! Just now, I’ve discovered that Pencil2D v. 0.65 has been finally released. That’s really exciting. I can’t wait to test it out. What I would suggest, however, is to update the news page of the Pencil2D website: Can you please do that to keep people up-to-date? Thank you!

@JacobZeier1992 Hi Jacob. I’m afraid we can’t do that just yet as we have not finished the entire release cycle that every version requires since this version has the accumulated work of an entire year and there were many parts that needed adjustment. Besides we are also dealing with our personal lives, so we’re working as hard as we can to complete it.

We also have to wait until most of the systems where Pencil2D works have been updated to the latest version by their respective maintainers which are not part of the Pencil2D team, so there are only minimal differences between supported systems.

Additionally considering there is no documentation we’re looking into recording some quick videos to show how the new features and improvements work and we intend to make a video showing the problems with this version as well and how to avoid them.

We’re also running some tests to find bugs in this new version to see if we can make a “week-one” patch before the version reaches the general public.

While it’s been almost a week since the development team increased the version number in the source code and released the program update for some of the main platforms, this was only to set in motion the full release scheme which will still take a few more days to finalize…

We will update the website and social media appropriately soon enough. Thank you for your concern.


So what you’re trying to tell is that the latest version of Pencil2D is incomplete? I thought that incompleteness only applies to Nightly Builds. I guess not. I’m not quite ready to make full use of it yet anyway. I understand it takes a really long time for the software’s development. So I’m prepared to wait until the day when it would be a complete version. :grin:

No, that’s not really what he’s trying to tell you. The main reasons why the news has not been updated yet is because:

  1. We haven’t finished making the news article yet.
  2. The newest stable version (v0.6.5), is not available yet on all platforms. In particular, older mac versions and many linux distribution package managers. It would be unfair of us to announce a new version if some of our users cannot use it yet.

This version is generally regarded as stable. We do not anticipate having to make any further changes to it before release, although that is of course always a possibility if a major issue comes up.


Thank you for the explanation. v0.65, the latest version of Pencil2D, is a major improvement over the previous v0.64. I’ve downloaded it. v0.66 probably won’t be produced and released until next year or later. I understand it takes a long time and hard work to develop Pencil2D, but nevertheless would it be a wonderful step in progress in the future. Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m prepared to wait for that joyous day! :joy:

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Glad to hear you like it. The next version, v0.6.6 or v0.7 whichever it ends up being, will hopefully come sooner than a year. This was an unusually long break between releases due to the limited resources of our development team, but there’s no tell what the coming months will be like for us.

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I hear you loud and clear. You don’t suppose that the corona-virus may interfere with the progress of developing the next version, do you? I feel that it is making things quite hard these days.

It won’t impact us directly as everyone here are volunteers who work remotely, I imagine usually from home even under normal circumstances. COVID-19 may impact some of our developers personally (ex. lockdown measures, financial difficulties, career changes, etc.) which may affect how much time they decide to contribute to Pencil2D. I can’t say I’ve noticed any significant changes to development overally before and after the pandemic.

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Good to know. Thank you for your input.