Please remove "give money"

In all seriousness, at least at this point, you’re asking for money for nothing. What you have is other peoples work. It’s somewhat insulting to be asking for money for that.

Hi @TauSodan,

To be honest, I don’t agree.
We don’t ASK (I mean, in a forcing idea) people for money, but if they want to show their support, they can.

I bought this website and I set it up (well, yes, it took me a couple of days); and Chris starts working on the code. Nobody knows if something interesting will came up from this project, but at least we are trying to make things move.
I already worked on Open Source projects, maybe you have too; but we all know that being involved into that is not for money.

So if someone wants to show some supports, give 5, 10 or 20 000 $, what is wrong with that ?
Also, you will notice that there are others ways for being involved in the project, and… that there’s even not any link to make a donation yet.

If you have any ideas, you are welcome !

In all seriousness, I do not agree with TauSodan.

It is fine, interesting, motivating, etc. to have a pizza bought with a user donation for the good work we are intending to achieve.

It is also up to only us to decide if we would like to help to delivered that pizza to the person involved in this work. It is a kind of a present…

and It feels tasted !



You /are/ asking. It’s right there under the contribute button. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it in a forceful way or if the link isn’t there… yet. It’s being done, period.

For that matter, you didn’t have to buy anything. SF gives all that is needed. Not to mention redundant forums (of which I’ve posted in at SF).

I should also note that you’ve completely not address my point about asking for money for other people’s work. Because, at this point, the code base (essentially) as a whole isn’t this projects; it’s’ a fork.

There are other logistical issues. Who gets the money? Because, I’ve been looking through the code to implement some missing features and have found a fundamental issue. If I address this issue and/or implement (a) feature(s), who am I basically giving money for my time if someone should donate? The same goes for any other contributor whether it’s through code or wiki or…

You see, it’s all well and good if it’s one guy doing the work. Or a small number of friends that could divide the money up. But, when it’s open-source, when there are others that can submit work, those donations … it just isn’t right.

“at this point, the code base (essentially) as a whole isn’t this projects; it’s’ a fork”

That’s an interesting point. Essentially you’re right however you need to consider this. The original Pencil SVN repo hasn’t had any commits since Oct 16 2011. Of the two major development branches of the project (Tools, 0.5) neither were completed, nor were they documented. The trunk source code won’t build (on OSX 10.8) and there are show-stopping bugs with Qt 5.0. Pencil, as it currently stands, is bordering on abandonware. As time passes, it will become more and more difficult to get it working, until a point is reached where the effort won’t be worth it anymore. Personally, I think Pencil is a useful project so I don’t want to see it die.

Pencil2D is a new project so we welcome any input. Personally, I wasn’t sure about the “Donate” button. My initial idea was to put any money donated (something which is highly unlikely) back into the Pencil2D community by using it as (for example) prize money for an animation competition. If you’re unhappy about this then the simple solution is to not participate in the Pencil2D project. If you’re a developer then at least you can now use a DVCS (Mercurial) rather than SVN.

BTW, which forums at SF are redundant? At the moment, we’re still setting up the project. The site is essentially for users while the SF site is geared towards developers. Of course, there needs to be some point at which the two groups interact.