Please help me, awful lag


Please help me as soon as you can. I use a Gaomon drawing tablet, version 0.6.6 software, and a 10.10 MacBook pro. The lag is AWFUL, and it only happens when I try to write/draw on pencil2d.

@_sunni Hi, welcome to the forum. First of all sorry to hear you’re having issues with the software.

We are not used to have Gaomon users, but it seems the company website has a pretty extensive guide for cursor lag, that said quite frankly this means they tend to have similar issues with various apps; a worrying thought :sweat:

While Gaomon tablets are not common for us to see among users, they should still be supported in Pencil2D, however since you’re using a legacy version of macOSX, your graphics tablet drivers matching the specific version might be dated or downright incompatible with Pencil2D’s internals simply due to the OS version itself.

To explain better, Pencil2D uses an underlying technology not made by the app developers and for which they have no control over their updates, so to supply demand for legacy systems like yours, the developers have to use older versions of this technology that are sufficiently compatible, by extension this automatically blocks the chance to get any potential fixes that could solve your issue :pensive:

With that said I will at least recommend you some choices for alternative animation apps that might work properly on your laptop, and hopefully support your tablet as well.

From the list above in terms of simplicity please consider taking a look at:

  • WickEditor (runs on the browser so requirements should be only restricted to your browser version)
  • RoughAnimator. It has a free trial version to test if it works for you. For a full version you can purchase it for USD $5 from the App store (also has mobile versions, though I assume they are sold separately)

Lastly, I’ll ask the developers for more assistance in case there is any other way to help your use Pencil2D, but for now please consider trying out the alternatives I mentioned :wave:

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