Piggy's tweaked version of Pencil

A few problems and a few solutions

Would it be possible for you to make your tweaked version of Pencil available for download? I tried doing everything step-by-step but alas, computers confuse me and I only halfway fixed the video importer. (It will upload halfway and then crash to all hell as soon as it reaches 50%)

@happydonut: Even though I know a bit of C++, I’m still too inexperienced to start tweaking Pencil2D itself. I downloaded the source code, though, and I’ll take a look at it just in case, but so far it seems too advanced for my current level. :-/


Also, keep in mind possible differences between my system and yours. For example, if your Windows are 64bit instead of my 32bit, you should download the appropriate files for your system instead. :slight_smile:

OH MY GOD. My system is 64 bit, not 32 bit, and somehow that slipped my mind completely. I’m going to do that as soon as possible and hopefully that’ll work. Everyone else reading this, take this as a notice to check what kind of system you’re running!

Alright, I think your solution just doesn’t work for 64 bit, or maybe its Windows 8. I downloaded the 64 bit file, extracted, did everything by the letter, and I get the same error: It’ll upload to 52%, then I’ll get a warning, “unable to load bitmap image,” which will reappear as many times as I exit out of it. And for some reason, the first frame of an entirely different video will appear on the canvas. The audio solution doesn’t work either, which is weird. I guess I’ll just wait until the devs release an update :stuck_out_tongue: