Pictures disappearing after adding new key frame

I’m new to pencil 2d. The problem that I am facing is that when I have import the picture on frame_1 and I moved to frame_20 to add a new key frame to the picture, the picture suddenly disappear. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong.

Any help is appreciated.

@sialize.jbchumbaka Hi. That is normal, the Add Frame command creates a new blank frame, which in simpler terms means you’re basically putting down a new piece of virtual “paper” to draw on on your canvas. You can’t usually see two pieces of paper at the same time if they are on top of each other unless you use a light table.

In Pencil2D the timeline, and the horizontal stack of frames, represent drawings that are automatically filmed / captured so you can see a play test of your animation at any given time.

The vertical layer stack takes the role of representing levels of detail in your drawing as if you had used tracing paper. While you can draw separate drawings in different layers, their purpose is to allow separation of detail.

So having more layers allow you to create a single drawing with many details separated at different virtual levels that have a predictable hierarchy (top layers are always seen in front of others, bottom layers are always seen below something else)

Having more frames means having many drawing but you can only see one of them at any given moment; seeing them one after the other in rapid succession is what gives the illusion of movement.

I hope this helps answers your inquiry at some capacity.

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