Unfortunately it is just another test that shows how far i am from even short movie that i have in my mind )) This character had to be in another setting but since i’m not ready yet i’ll continue testing.

Wow, this is a wonderful example of frame-by-frame animation! And it looks so artistic and comical.

Hi This is wonderful work! :slight_smile: Would you consider posting it at the official pencil2d community?

We need more user posts there

Thanks in advance!

Btw what was blender used for? I am guessing for the video compression?

Thank you Pirrot, i appreciate that!

Todor, this test belongs to community )) you can freely post it there. And yes, i used blender to compose video. I couldn’t do this directly from Pencil2d,

Sooo nicely done.
That really inspired me! :slight_smile: (as I saw your animation I went to an online-shop and bought a book for helping me with the really basic animation step-by-step…)

Good work!

Thank you! I’m glad that my work inspired someone.

sfepa> Certainly! The google+ pencil community page was created to allow people to post their own works. For some reason we can not get the google + group page to let followers post.

this is beautiful work

I love this so much. Such a smooth animation, I am actually curious as to how long this took you.

I like it too, very smooth and great animation of the leaf falling. Truly inspiring work.

Taken from life - I recognized myself in the struggling photographer.