phonon4.dlll is there, but isn't there???

The following message appears when I try to open Pencil: "The program can’t start because phonon4.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. " however, phonon is in the very ZIP file. Help?

@cottonbloom Hey, are you opening pencil directly from the zip file or after extracting the zip?

@cottonbloom Hi, yes sadly this is something everyone has been aware since 4 years ago. The thing is phonon4.dll is not linked properly as it is a library for using sound inside pencil, although it seems it was only working in Windows.

If you want to try and have sound inside of Pencil2D 0.5.4b version under Windows 7 SP1, please visit our FAQ, and search for the “shorthand solution for average users” under the sound topic here:

However in the latest Nightly Builds, a.k.a development versions any libraries related to sound or video have been removed temporarily meanwhile the critical problems of the program are fixed. Also we’re looking into better cross-platform solutions so everyone can benefit from it, not only PC’s or MAC’s

Think of it this way, developers are preparing and baking the cake, sound capabilities would be the icing. Anyway, this would be perhaps the only thing that we urge you not to report because it’s basically all over the forums and it is addressed in the FAQ as well.

If you’re experiencing other issues try to download the development versions to see if it’s already fixed, if it’s not then please do report it here and we’ll try our best to present it in the Github repository. Of course you can look for other bugs to see if yours are included as well, here:

@cottonbloom I forgot to say, In case you wan’t to try it out the development versions for Windows and Mac are here:

If you use Linux, try it out here: