Pencil2D Won't Export Animation

I cannot export my Pencil2D animation as a video format or image sequence. Every time I click export nothing happens and the animation or images is nowhere to be found on my PC. When I click save it does save as a .pcl file but I don’t want that I want it as a .mov, .avi, etc. file. Please help. I don’t want my animation to go to waste and have done all that work for nothing. Maybe I could install an older version? Nightly builds won’t run on my PC, so I can’t use that.

@acemarshall Hello. Please let us know the following:

  1. What OS do you have (i.e Windows 7, MAC OSX “Leopard”, etc)

  2. What is your current version of Pencil2D (Go to Help > About > and copy the version information)

  3. This problem has been outlined in the FAQ and on numerous threads in the forum. Pencil2D can’t export video right now. Our developers are looking for a way to get video and sound import/export working.

You also mention that your image sequence export does not work, this is indeed weird. Can you let us know which steps are you taking to attempt the image sequence export?

If you don’t count with enough time for that, then please take a look at the following video tutorial where we teach how to export an image sequence properly from Pencil2D and then use Blender’s video editing module to create a proper video with sound. All of these apps are free of charge.

@acemarshall The other thing I’d like to ask you to do is, just to be safe, to backup your pencil .PCL file along with the data folder that comes with it. (should be on the same location where your .PCL file is)

Because If your file gets corrupted you’ll deffinitely lose all the hard work.

If nothing works after attempting to follow the tutorial, all I can think is for you to privately send me a zip file of these items and i’ll take a look to see what is preventing you from exporting the image sequence.

However unless it is an exceedingly rare problem you should be able to at least export an image sequence as presented in the video tutorial. You can use any editor of your choosing, but the steps are literally the same for every version of pencil since 0.4.4b which was the stable version that Pascal Naidon released several years ago.

Also I’m quite curious why is it that the Nightly Builds don’t work on your system. We definitely need to know what kind of system you have to even elaborate some hypothesis.

I hope I’m being clear enough, if you have any other question let us know. For now I’ll be pending on your detailed response. Cheers.