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So, I was thinking about making a Pencil2D tumblr to promote the software. Figured I should run this by the community first since obviously I’m not the boss here :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and in case there’s any doubt about my trustworthiness - I did just join the community, after all - it IS possible to have multiple admins on a blog on tumblr. Which also means that if one of us were to abandon it, another could take over!

I think it’s a great idea Nick! @spark In fact I use tumblr and I know it’s a powerful tool to spread the word. There are some great animation examples by several users. I’ll help myself and round up a post to summarize the great stuff I’ve seen around here so it’s easy to find. Then with their permission maybe we could promote pencil while showing their works.

p.s. I don’t really care if you’re trusthworthy or not. If you’re having enough initiative to try to tackle something like this and do something, I think we all can agree that you’re going the right way about this :slight_smile:

Here’s a small list of some of our forum users whom I think are worth showing to the world as Pencil2D adepts. (Some works were done with the previous version of Pencil, but nevermind those details. Lol)

User: Mikshaw


User: Ben Bailey

User: unicornmcgee

User: Pierrot (WIP) (Final Short)

User: dawnsica

User: LovainMaster (it’s funny) (more funny)

User: beardbotnik

User: raden_muaz

User: alastair_jack

Note: He said he used Pencil to “make” his game, but due to translation mistakes I believe he used it to make the game’s graphics. Have to confirm this.

User: aaron

User: sfepa

Note: Anything by this guy is GOOD!

User: Todor

Note: He use Pencil to plan his Game animations. Pretty cool stuff as well. I also thing he helps to manage the G+ community

User: nerdcoresteve

User: banskel

User: roberto_ianes

User: fenix

User: dunno1973

User: isaacrfk

Note: This short makes you realize that the problem isn’t Pencil, but oneself.

p.s. It’s pretty explicit, not kiddy friendly.

User: neeby (funny animation)

User: manu

For the hispanic audience, there’s a guy who’s not in the forum but he works with Pencil and he has video tutorials that are REALLY good. All with Pencil Here’s an example of one of his videos.


I made it!

I’m pretty proud of the theme, to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

If you would like, I can add you as an admin - though I will need your email address to do so.

I think you should add Gordie as an admin there, I use tumblr but I don’t have much time to admin that. He’s the one who mostly helps manage all of the web presence, so I think he’s suited for that. Also Gordie @admin could add a link back to the tumblr page on the website bookmarks.

I think you did really well Nick @spark, the theme is clean and the FAQ is actually purposeful, everyone here should know they can submit their works over there, and we can reblog like crazy, lol.

It’s cool! I think we also need to update +Google and Facebook pages.

Thank you, @JoseMoreno. This is a really nice video gallery, showing the potentiality and the performance of Pencil. I’ve read about an open source 2D animation software called Pencil 2D in YouTube the first time. I’ve found some short tutorial there and I understood it was fit for freehand artcrafts. I’ve met again Pencil in Morevna Project, created and managed by a Russian young man (Konstantin Dmitriev), a sort of open animated movie anime-style, made only with open source software (Synfig Studio, MyPaint, Pencil and even Blender, used for post production). He is strictly related to Synfig Studio project, anyway.

Next week I will analize and test Pencil, i see that its user interface is surely more intuitive and user-friendly than the Synfig’s one.



I will do the update thing into Google+ with some of the videos and comments given here as an example

One of the videos presented here (Animando 2D) is not done with Pencil2D, but rather with AnimationPaper. :slight_smile:

@kaiko you’re right, i’ll edit it accordingly, he’s got an exact video done with pencil as well, that’s why I made the mistake. Either way most of his channel has videos for pencil only. Please look into that, they are really good.

@morr, I am checking this person site (Luis Antonio) and he has really good things over there. :slight_smile:

By the way, I uploaded his video “Como hacer un giro de cabeza” (the one done with Pencil2D) into the Pencil2D Google+ Community

Pencil2d-Community-Google+ updated:

Pencil2D-Main Page-Google+ updated:

[updated time: 16/Aug/2015]

Pencil2D has 234 followers and 77 445 visualizations at the moment. Not bad, and we can take more advantage from those numbers, just saying…

I was once one of the main administrators of the Pencil2D’s facebook account, but I no longer use that facebook, no idea about the logins!