Pencil2d shut down unexpectedly while working

i was in the middle of an animation until it just shut down on me, I open pencil 2d to see if it would’ve say “retrieve your previous work?” or something like that, and it didn’t
the worst part was I never saved, so it’s lost gone
can anyone tell me how I could get my animation back? or is it not possible?

@jessantom Hi, sorry to hear about this. First of all a few questions:

  1. Which version of Pencil2d are you using? (go to Help > About in the software)
  2. What OS? (Windows X, MacOSX , Linux) ?
  3. What were you doing when Pencil2D shut down, did you notice anything abnormal?

Note: The Pencil2D team will be working in a project backup feature, but please notice that if you don’t save at least ONCE, the autosave feature cannot kick in and thus it’s impossible for there to be any kind of recovery.

Either way please read and follow this guide to prevent work loss due to file corruption and read on the “partial recovery” part which might help you retrieve something on your OS temp folder. Although if you never saved, it might not work, but you can try out at least.

Edit: This is the guide link Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide

Lastly, please, enable the autosave functionality on the preferences: Got to Edit > Preferences > Files > [x] Enable Autosave. As for the # of modifications put a rather high number like 100 (max 200), that will mean that every 100 changes to the canvas (drawing, erasing, filling, transforming a selection) Pencil2D will keep track of that and save itself, but you need to save at least ONCE for this to work.

  1. I’m using version 0.6.0 of pencil2d
  2. I’m using Windows X
  3. No not really, I was actually close to finishing and everything seemed pretty normal

I’m going to check out those links you gave me and see if it does work or not, I’ll check back with you if anything happens

though I’m new to the software and I’m kind of mad at myself for not saving haha, but I’ll know next time

@jessantom Thank you for taking the time to answer. I’ll have you know that we released a new version (0.6.2) just a few days ago which is generally more stable. Here is the release notes if you’d like to read about it to learn what has changed