Pencil2d randomly closed and I lost all my progress :)

There wasn’t any warning or not responding pop up, the app just closed. I just started working on my project, so it wasn’t a huge lose but still super disheartening. The last time I saved was when only the sound was imported so pretty much everything is gone. When I opened pencil2d again it popped up saying some stuff was lost. I clicked around a little bit when it closed again. I don’t think I’m able to save what lost but any idea’s how it happened? And how I can prevent it from happening again?

@Clown Hi, sorry to hear about this. If there’s a chance that you never saved while working on your project, this can be the primary suspect as to why the software closed. When working on a file for the first time, all the drawings will be saved in the volatile memory (RAM) so if the amount of info goes beyond what can be stored (and this can be affected by other apps and info you have open at that moment) then Pencil2D will implode and close.

So just in case, before starting a project for real, make sure to save the file at least once and then save periodically to keep your progress.

There are other potential issues that might have affected this but quite honestly it’s impossible for us to troubleshoot hardware issue. You could probably take a look at your Disk Drives and see if you have enough space since that could also affect any software running as well.

Additionally please consider reading the following reply I provided to another user as it relates to losing work in Pencil2D, and it leads to a guide on how to improve some parts of your Windows OS experience with third party apps to lessen these issues in the long run.

Of course it’s difficult to have a completely stable software, so there is also a link to a prevention and file recovery guide just in case, however my honest suggestion is to save manually plenty backup copies in case your work is lost without cause or reason later on.

If you’re seriously unmotivated by Pencil2D, I will also leave a link to alternative apps you could try in the meantime to see which one feels more comfortable for you in order to change tools to keep creating.

You’re more than welcome to share your work either with Pencil2D or with other software (as long as it’s properly labeled) in the #your-stuff section or in our discord server #off-topic-art channel which you can find through the following link Community | Pencil2D Animation

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