Pencil2D on Surface Pro 3

hey guys,
first, sorry for my awkward english, furthermore im a totaly newbie in animation so please be indulgent to me ^^.

I just discoverd this nice tool 2 weeks ago. I like it really much but i have some weird problems on my Surface Pro 3.

  1. The most bad thing is that pen pressure dosnt work, i update all drivers but there is no use. Probably pencil2d dosnt support N-Trig Pens?

  2. probably im just a fool but i dont have onion-skin-buttons on my timeline, so normally i use the shortkeys but buttons would be nicer sometimes.

  3. the Buttons of the display options are very, very small if i pin them to a corner. If they stand alone, they have normal size.

thanks for help


Hello sir

First, what version of Pencil are you using? In the old 0.5.4 beta version only wacom tablets are recognized. If you’re using the newest nightly build from here: then it’s likely a problem with how our implementation interprets the tablets input data.

We are a very small team working on making Pencil2D better however without having a Surface Pro to test on, it’s going to be difficult for us to figure out that problem.

As for the onion skin, these four buttons are related to the onion skin feature onion skin buttons

previous | red color next | blue color

If you press the either the buttons to the left, and add a couple of frames, then you should be able to see onion skin working.

Yeah we know the UI gets extremely small on high dpi monitors, it is in our plans to get it fixed, though as we are all part time contributors atm. there’s no ETA when it will be done.

Thanks for reporting and trying out Pencil2D :wink:

thanks a lot for your quick answer and the link to the newest build.
Unfortunally pressure dosnt work either :confused: but now i can see the onion skin buttons and the UI is now in a acceptable size, nice :).

But nevertheless its a good idea in my opinion to have a veriable Button-Size. It would be easier to work with just a pen.
Furthermore it would be nice if the undo and redo functions could be add in the toolbar. Sometimes i work without keyboard and i think it would be nice for my workflow if i dont have to klick every time in a drop down menu ^^.

Finally i would offer you my help, i study computer science in 4. semester and i already know basics about c++ and java. My skills are not the best, but i look forward that it will get better if i have something to do. So, if i can help, it would be a nice experience for me :).


@stringo Hi, thank you for your interest. If you’re looking to help you can find more info on this link where I’ve gathered all the resources available for developers.

But really mainly you should visit the Github Repository. I’d suggest getting the main source code and studying it. So far the project is being developed with C++ and the QT framework.

Sir, ah I see… well that will have to be investigated then. You are more than welcome to fork the project and look into the code. If you already have experience with c++, then all I can say is, keep the QT documentation at hand and jump right into the code base :wink:

I recommend using Qt Creator for developing although you can of course use whatever you want if you know how to compile it manually.

If you are interested in debugging the tablet implementation, find scribblearea.cpp and look at line 414 to 436, that is what we use to see if the device can use pressure.

Atm. it should accept any input, so i’m curious why it doesn’t. My first suggestion would be to see if it enters if (event->device() == QTabletEvent::NoDevice) {

and just start playing around with it and get to know the code.

You can also join our irc ##pencil2D on , in case you need pointers or help :slight_smile: