Pencil2d now has a FB page!

I thought that it is important for pencil2d to start building an artist community of followers on facebook and other websites. It will help us make it more popular and in the future that might get handy for possible crowdfunding of new features.

This forum has a great advantage- users with facebook accounts dont need to create a new account to log in. It only made sense to bring users from facebook through a facebook page!

Possible future pages: twitter page of developers- to announce any new features. google plus page

Hi @blurymind

Where you the main responsible for doing the facebook-Pencil page?
Marvellous! I like it very much

You are really encouraging the developer (if I were one I would keep my faith for the future of Pencil2D :))


Hi, I made it yes. And plan to post updates on the current progress, post works made with pencil2d and continue to promote it!

We have gathered 157 followers in less than a day!

Pencil2d could also do with a twitter account and a google plus account.
Getting it out there is an important part of it’s growth. :slight_smile:

I made a post about pencil at google+ and it immediately gathered over 10 reshares and many likes. Turns out that the world is full of talented people who have never heard of pencil2d.

The downside for me is that facebook keeps notifying me of new followers every 2 minutes. It’s crazy :smiley:

Impressive what you have done! Thank you.

Are you an animator or something?

By the way, are you “DJS Animation”?

I have just invited some of my friends to join FBPencil2D.

I am a 2d and 3d animator. Here is my website:


I want to spread awareness about pencil2d because I see how much potential it has for traditional animators and cartoonists! The more people know about it and use it, the better our chances will be with crowdfunding or getting more help.

I invited about 50 friends- some of them really experienced animators and illustrators. 20 of them have joined so far,creating a domino effect. Some of the more popular ones have posted about the pencil2d group on their facebook walls and that is getting reshares as well.

There is great untapped potential in google plus too. I can make a page later today there. If you are interested I can add you as a moderator - you will be able to make announcements.

I am trying to start an initiative - Pencil2d feature gallery! So we can start a monthly contest in which the best pencil2d illustrations and animations are featured. This will help us gather good looking examples of work done in pencil.

Professional artists like to see 2 things in software-before they try it: -It’s simple to use,with tools designed by someone who understands the workflow (this is what pencil2d has) -Other artists have created impressive work with it demonstrating the features in action.


I am interested to be part as a moderator, so thank you. My English is not so good but I can handle with the spammers (always a pain!), make simple announcements or just taken some control as moderators do.

Your initiative Pencil2D feature Gallery is a must. And not long ago I tried to create a 15 Pencil animations in a month, but as I am not animator it consumed me a lot of my time to figure out how to do my ever first animation, few seconds. So, for those of you who are experts/students you can be part of the Pencil2D feature Gallery easily, so I think it IS a very good idea.

Perhaps we should have a deviant art group also? I have a deviant art account but i never created a group. I could do it if no one else is going to do it. At the very least I can spread the word about the group if we ever make it.

If we do make the group I think the main focus should be people just posting whatever animation they make on pencil. We already got a couple of animations on the forum the demonstrate the potential to people.

Let me know what you think. I can’t program but I really want to help the program in any way I can.

LovainMaster- a deviantart group sounds like a good idea. Post a link to it at the facebook group. I will add it to the about section! :slight_smile:

Kaiko> if we get enough submissions, it would be nice to put them in “featured pencil2d works” section of the website or something?

Nowdays I think Tumblr would be a good idea to use as well for showing off animations done in Pencil2D many dA artists have moved to Tumblr.

it will be good to make a tumblr account yeah… Tumblr supports gif files, while facebook does not.