Pencil2D Nightly Build 2018

(Matt) #1

With this new forum, I think it’s time to bring a Nightly build thread back, which we had before.

Nightly build is the most up-to-date version which reflects the progress of Pencil2D development. Nightly builds usually update 1-2 times a week on a regular basis.

You can download it from the following link:

5 June

  • #979 Optimize bucket fill with cache
  • Fix #974 Doesn’t create new selection if click+drag outside of the selected area
  • Fix #950 Pencil2D crashes when attempting to modify a non-existing first (key)frame
  • Do not show a second warning dialog if file open fails
  • Produce much more useful error messages when file open fails
  • Fix #907 file leaking
  • Fix #959 Update the ffmpeg version of macOS to 3.4.2
  • #938 Backup the current project before saving

21 May

  • Fix #960 Camera is not working when exporting videos
  • Fix Import Image Sequence spacing regression
  • Rearrange default dock widget locations
  • Pop a save warning before opening a project from the recent files list

18 May

  • Brand new color inspector panel (by CandyFace)

13 May

  • Disable onion skins while playing animation (by CandyFace)

27 April

  • Add Polish and Estonian translations.

24 April

  • #949 Fix: selection rectangle disappearing in some cases.
  • #908 Fix: app didn’t remember the line stabilizer level after restarting.

19 April

  • #948 Remove .tiff (doesn’t work) and add a warning if the file is not imported correctly when doing image import.
  • #915 Automatically insert a new keyframe when drawing on an empty frame with a few preference options.
  • App didn’t remember color palette grid size and mode after app restarts.

(Matt) #2

Nightly build 27 April is out

(kaiko) #3

I downloaded the code from Github and the program is not longer able to build Pencil2D.
To many errors (sorry but don´t know how to show them)…

(Oliver) #4


@chchwy has been cleaning headers… too many it seems, so you’ll have to add the appropriate ones again to make it compile.

(Matt) #5

@kaiko @CandyFace sorry, forget to push fixes to the official pencil2d repo, I fixed it on my own branch. Now it should compile.

(Matt) #6

Nighly build 13 May is out

(kaiko) #7

Thank you @chchwy . It is OK now!

(kaiko) #8


Nice! :smile:

(Matt) #9

Nightly build 18 May is out

(Matt) #10

Nightly build 21 May is out

(Matt) #11

Nightly build 5 June is out