Pencil2d Drawing tablets how do I use them I know I need wacom but thats all I know

How do I work Drawing pads? I was thinking of getting a drawing pad. But if I do get one to animate an animation with I know I need a wacom tablet I think but how do I use A tablet or a drawing tablet? to I connect it to my pc or Do I download Some software so it works please tell me :grinning:

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@Super_pickle hmm well usually that is explained by the graphics tablet manufacturer in the hardware manual that comes with the tablet. normally you have to install “drivers” which are software that helps the computer understand the tablet as an input like how it recognizes the mouse or keyboard. Most of these things are explained in the product and should come with the graphics tablet box. If you purchased a second hand tablet that doesn’t have a CD or comes with a box, you can get the drivers and associated software from the vendor’s website.

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Thanks @JoseMoreno :grinning:

I was thinking of getting the exact same (but cheap) thing!