Pencil2D development continued: 0.5.5 is on it's way..

Hi all Pencil2D fans. This is Matt, I’m back.

First of all, I have to apologize to you for not being so active in Pencil2D development in the past year. 2014 is a tough year for me, my work occupied nearly all my time and energies. And what is worse is to see a “Development ceased?” post on the forum ;(

After the rush has just finished, I can finally come back to my lovely Pencil and start to contribute.

I think the most important task for now is to release a stable version of Pencil2D. There are already a lot of new features in development branch, but it’s buggy, I know.

I will start browsing all bugs on Github issue tracker and try to fix them as soon as possible. You can report bugs you’ve found using issue tracker, it’s easier for us to follow and manage than post on forum.

Thanks for your patience.


NICE !!!

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

wow! I’m relieved! I really thought pencil is dead again. I keep on lurking here daily to see if there’s any updates from the developer. I even played with the development branch and tried to code it and add some features but sadly, I suck at programming. I have a big hope on pencil2d as this is the only opensource animation software that is easy to use and has a very big potential to be a full animation suite because of the combined raster and vector graphics.

Great to read this! : )


Not joking. I mean, at least you guys try it.

Hey everyone,

I moved from Mac OS to Fedora lately and I plan to help develop this project again on my free time. Pencil2D would be a very good 2D traditional animation software if it was working correctly. I will give you a hand for that.

@feeef : this is a great news.
Help on the development is what lacks the most here…
Thanks !

Glad to see you again, @feeef.

Finally! I really hoped this wasnt dead… so much potential