Pencil2D dark theme progress report - testing encouraged!

Hello darkness dark theme my old friend… that’s right Pencil2D has resumed work related to the beloved dark theme thanks to the awesome @J5lx

J5lx says: … In order to make some progress on #550, I modified the timeline rendering to use colours from the application palette instead of hardcoded values. With this change, the only remaining dark theme issues are those related to the icons.

If you’d like to test how it looks on your operating system, please download directly from the following links:

Win64 Win32

macOS Linux (AppImage)

For any report please comment on this thread, or if you have a github developer account and wish to participate in the discussion directly, please comment on the associated pull request:

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I’ve updated the links above to the newest revision. I’d also like to add that this change will not make Pencil2D as a whole become dark when it’s been light before (since we rely on our toolkit to handle that, and that in turn depends on the operating system). But if you’ve been using Pencil2D with a dark mode before, you should now see a big improvement on the timeline. It will also look a little different with light themes, but it won’t make as much of a difference.

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