Pencil2D crashes when I import an image to a hidden layer

I accidently tried to import an image to a hidden layer and it crashed. I repeated it a few times to make sure it was able to be easily reproduced.

I am currently using the Jan 19, 2024 nightly build on Ubuntu 22.04 so I don’t know if it happens on other systems.

I tried this on Windows 11 with my older build (Nightly Aug 09 2023), and it didn’t crash. Maybe it’s newer? Or perhaps it’s the OS.

Hi. I tried this on Arch Linux but also wasn’t able to reproduce it. You said that you are able to reproduce this easily, so can you share a few more details? For example:

  • layer type (vector/bitmap)
  • type of image (for example whether it is an animated image/GIF)
  • How you import the image (since Pencil2D offers several different ways to import images)
  • Any import options you specified (such as import position)
  • anything else you think might be relevant (in bug reports, too much information is always better than too little)

Layer Type: Bitmap

Image Type: Png

How I import: File->Import

Import Options: Center of Canvas

Other relevant info: It works just fine as long as the layer is visible.

I recorded a video of it crashing here:

Also, I want to mention that this is not a critical issue for me. I just wanted to make sure the devs were aware of it.

Ah, I think I understand now. It seems this crash occurs only when importing onto a frame without a pre-existing keyframe. Thanks for the video, that helped! Even if it’s not critical for you, this could potentially lose someone else a lot of work, so it’s good that you made this report. I’ll try to put together a fix for this soon.

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Nightly build 790 (April 14, 2024) is now available and should fix the crash.

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