Pencil2D crashes when camera is selected with move tool

Whenever I select the camera layer while the move tool is selected Pencil2D will just crash. It happens if the tool is already selected or if I select it after selecting the camera layer. I am using version 0.6.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.

@n00b This used to happen before but was fixed…hmm… how did you get your Pencil2D version. Did you download the appimage from the website or did you use the one that comes with the Ubuntu application manager?

@n00b If for some reason you installed the version that comes with the package manager that one might not be up-to-date so please use the following development version and let us know if it still breaks down for you.

Linux AppImage :

I am using the most recent version from the appimage. I thought it might be happening because of the number of layers I had in the file I was working on but it is still happening even with just one bitmap layer.

@n00b Please try that specific version I linked which is from October 14th, a development version that got built about 10 days after this specific issue was fixed, so the fix is only found in development versions.

Just in case Development versions are available to the public but they are downloaded from a different cloud service (Google Drive), so please try that particular version and let us know if it works for you

Here’s the related issue for reference, to check if it’s the same problem you’re having:

@JoseMoreno Thanks. That fixed my issue.

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