Pencil2D capable of Mechanical Drawings

I am trying to locate a graphics app that will do true Mechanical Drawing (school subject in the 50’s). It would be something similar to AppleWorks Paint but would have to run on OSX 10.13. I am an Octogenerian (80) and have no wish to follow the steep learning curve of the majority of apps out there. Does Pencil2D have this capability?

@BillBates1 Greetings sir. Welcome to this forum. Unfortunately Pencil2D is an animation oriented software which lacks the tools to create highly accurate technical & mechanical drawings.

In terms of usability I’ll be honest, perhaps it is a bit dificult to find an application that is as simple as Pencil2D yet meant for technically accurate drawing like what you’d find in CAD like AutoCAD or Drafsight.

That said I’ve personally had success using a free tool called Inkscape which is a vector based program that has several tools that can be used for mechanical drawing and CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing).

While it’s slightly more complex than Pencil2D due to the amount of functions it has, the interface is rather simple and the toolbox is located similarly to the left as in AppleWorks.

Inkscape’s Interface

Here’s the manual link

Here’s the main page li8nk where you can browse artwork and download the software

I’m not sure if this is helpful enough for you, but If I run across other software that might suit your needs I’ll gladly post it here so you will be notified. For now I hope you can find what you’re looking for, best of luck!