Pencil2D App for Apple and Android?

I’m here to present an idea for the developers of Pencil2D to create a Android/Apple app for the software, with the same functionality- just- “phoneified, or tabletified.” The reason why I am looking for such an option is because, I, personally am growing out of using a bulky laptop, and want to have Pencil2D more portable and easier to use. As you probably know, tablets are the main way people usually animate, and I believe a Pencil2D app similar to those to Procreate and/or FlipaClip will be an excellent idea for our modern time. Idea for the future?

@Jordan_River_Studios Greetings Mr. River. First of all thank you for taking the time to submit your idea.

Before answering directly I’m going to take a bit of time to explain a few facts about Pencil2D development to give an informed opinion about your submission.

Currently the Pencil2D team is no more than a group of volunteers that have agreed to collaborate on maintaining (or “keeping alive”) this project called Pencil2D. We currently work without compensation as well not because we hate the idea of getting paid, but because providing services linked to a price tag requires us to cover and fulfill a plethora of legal, financial, accountable and miscellaneous requirements that we simply cannot endeavor in our current situation.

The idea of having Pencil2D or similar animation software become a mobile app has been requested ever since we started to volunteer, and perhaps even before that, but the reality is that we simply cannot create a port for different platforms.

The reasons are not only financial and legal, but also related to how the source code is designed along project management as a whole. Bottom line, we currently do not have the manpower to even improve at a steady rate the base desktop software, much less create mobile versions of it.

Now, I’m not saying a port, or perhaps a reimagination of the software can’t happen in the future, but rather that for it to happen we actually need help, and I don’t mean monetary help, I mean the human-resources kind of help.

Users are always interested in simple and easy to use apps, but these apps are anything but simple nor easy to make unfortunately.

I honestly would love to have a web app, mobile app and desktop app that works side by side, but it will not happen anytime soon.

If you’re interested in a mobile app for animation that’s simple and cheap, look for RoughAnimator instead I’m sure it will cover most of what Pencil2D can do for mobile devices and desktop, and you’re welcome to post your work with it in our forum as well :smiley:

On the other hand if you know someone that might be interested in assisting us in improving Pencil2D, let them know we’re a cool bunch.

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