Pencil2D 0.7 pre-release version

I’ve used the software, not for production projects, but as an experiment.

My first impression is that i’m very impressed with it!

They’ve cured my biggest bugbear with the 0.6.6 version in that you can scale the Camera Layer and it exports the .GIF and .MP4 files correctly!


So far the 0.7 Pencil2D version is looking good!


I can see what the size x and size y are, but what is the Diff 0,0, I presume the first figure is Diff x and the second is Diff y.

What does the Diff variable signify?

I like the new icons and I found the description of their creation interesting.

I’ve previously never used the Windows then Lock Windows feature but I can see this had potential where screen real estate is at a premium.

The diff is supposed to signify the amount of pixels there is from the original position of the selection to the new one, however I noticed that it also updates when you zoom in and out too, which shouldn’t happen :melting_face:.

Thanks MrStevns that makes sence.