Pencil stuck on minimal thickness

For some reason, my pencil’s thickness randomly changed from my preferred size to annoyingly thin. Does anyone know how to change it back? I have a screenshot of the issue. For reference, the issue is beside the little spikes on the head for size reference.

I thought pencil is supposed to work like this in the vector layer?

Maybe you meant to work on the bitmap layer?

I know it’s supposed to do that on Vector, I just took a screenshot on the page I was currently on. It’s doing that for Bitmap too, maybe it’s bugged, but I’d hate to have to do everything again if it somehow is. Not like I really have much of a choice though. smh

Looking at your screenshot, you’re currently on a vector layer and most importantly you have enabled “show outline only” which will cause the vector stroke to be shown as a thin line.

That display setting only works for vector strokes though, it can’t affect your bitmap strokes

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