Pencil Nightly build - tools not functioning

Hi, i’m from Italy (sorry for my english).I use pencil on windows and i have 4 versions. The latest, i think, is the nightly build, but when i opened it and tried to use the tools, they “changed” in the pen tool… if i want to use the hand tool it automatically draws with the pen tool… i’ve tried to use ctrl, alt, shift but no result. Every tool just transforms in the pen tool (except the eraser) in every type of layer… I used the 0.5.4 beta but it crashes continuously. I used the 0.5 beta by Ian but after 30 minutes lines keep disappearing or moving or all my drawing disappear (but it’s there cause when i undo, it reappears). I really love Pencil, it’s simple and complete (for me). It’s the only software I need cause I’m trying to make a sketchy animation. I also have synfig and inkscape, but i don’t know how to do the sketchy thing.

Maybe some files are missing from my pencil 2014 folder?

p.s. Thank you for not giving up on pencil :slight_smile:

I have this same problem it seems like its not possible to use any of the tools other than the inkpen and the eraser.

It looks like nightly build hasn’t been updated in several months =o(

The bug you’re talking about has been fixed in recent development, but i guess you’d either have to build it from source or ask someone (assuming on windows) to build it for you…or try to get the nightly build updated.

I’ll just wait for a new update :slight_smile: I’m using the 0.5.4 version for now. Thank you for the response.

Thanks! I may try and build it, based on the walk through on there, seems straight forward enough.