Pencil is stuck on "not responding"

So, I was animating something, and i zoomed all the way out. Outside of the frame, I was going to write “YEET” as a funny joke. I wrote just ‘y’, but it didn’t appear. Then, Pencil went into ‘Not Responding’. Its been doing it for, like, 10 minutes (idk if thats accurate, i haven’t been keeping time).
If this doesn’t belong here, send me a PM, and I’ll delete this post.

@silasjohnson Thank you for your report. It is a known issue that zooming out too much (when the % is below 33%) Pencil2D might lag or even crash.

For now my only recommendation is don’t zoom out too much when drawing (below 33%). If you zoomed out with the camera layer though, it would be important if you could specify that so the developers can review the issue attempting to simulate the same conditions you had on your file before the crash.

Either way thanks for letting us know :+1:

yeah, it starting responding for what couldv’e been 2 seconds, but i zoomed in, and it stopped. thanks for the reply tho

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