Pencil for Mac OS 10.11.6 El Capitan


I have a MacBookPro with OS 10.11.6 El Capitan.
On your website you say that this is the minimum required version, but Pencil2d V6 won’t intall.
Can I find a version of Pencil 2d for my operating system?

Thanks a lot for helping me out,

@Filip Hi. To my understanding it should work, although Pencil2D is a portable app, so I think for macOS you have to still drag the .dmg it to the apps folder and since it is not a signed app you have to open it by right clicking and choose the “open” option otherwise it won’t open.

If trying that out still doesn’t open the program, then I’ll ask one of the devs to see if they can help us here. To be quite honest it is possible that the requirements have gone up and we don’t have control over that unfortunately. We’re trying to look for alternate solutions to at least provide support for 10.8 and above but it seems (to me at least) to be a very difficult task.

Hi Jose,
thanks for answer. I’ll tried sereral times. Downloaded the Mac application on this website. But their is no dmg file. Just an application file of Pencil to drag into the application folder of mac os. But while opening the file this is what i get:
You can’t use this version of the application “Pencil2D” with this version of OS X.
You have OS X 10.11.6. The application requires OS X 10.12 or later.

What do I do wrong?
thanks for helping me

@Filip Hi. Sigh, I just consulted with a dev and he tells me that the framework that is used to build the software was updated for this version. So now the requirement seems to be 10.12 and above.

I’m truly sorry, we really have no control over it since Apple is the one that supplies the compiler to the Qt company, that are in turn the providers of the technology used to build the software itself.

I’ll ask them to update the requirements on the page, and see if there’s any way that we can have Pencil2D working for older versions, but regrettably for now I can only direct you to a blog post we have on alternate animation software to use instead of Pencil2D :frowning:

The other option would be for you to compile the software yourself using an older version of Qt for your specific macOS distribution, we normally don’t recommend this only because you need to be knowledgeable with computers, but if you can find someone to help you with that, we do have proper guides for you to peruse in such case:

developer macOS guide:
pencil2d source code:
guide for cloning a repository:
easy to use IDE to manage git code repositories

Ahh, what a pity. Is there a way to have access to older versions. Version 5?
That would be great,

@Filip It seems to be a complex problem if you have upgraded your macOS, because the Qt versions are not backwards compatible, however if you have an older macOS version you should be able to download a Qt compiler for your specific macOS version.

As far as I know you can get those here (he told me that our linux branch was using 5.9 so it should work):

Qt is both an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a GUI framework, but if you follow the steps on the dev guide you’ll certainly be able to built the program on your own! I did it for windows and i’m not as technically proficient as our programmers, but That would be a last resort indeed.

Great thanks for helping me, I’ll try it out. I still have a version 4. So I can work with that.
Have a nice day,

@Filip You too, If I know something else about porting Pencil2D to previous versions i’ll let you know for sure!

@Filip It has been a while, and I have some good news for you! We are now producing an official version of Pencil2D for older Mac versions including 10.11.6 (although it has not been tested on that particular version yet). It has not yet been added to the download page on our main website, but if you are still interested in working with Pencil2D, you can get it directly from here for now: I strongly recommend you use this version if possible over a pre-0.6 version of Pencil2D as we’ve added many new features and have made the program much more stable since then.


Whaaw that looks great. Thanks a lot of letting me know, I really appriciate this.

I’m really looking forward to work with it.


Filip Langenbick

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