Pencil crashes when trying to import a sound

Recently I downloaded Pencil and wanted to do an animation with an audio file. I went to import it, I clicked on the WAV file and then “Import” and it crashes.

I have a Mac OS X Yosemite.

@redsandwich Hi and welcome to the forums. Pencil2D right now as a whole has no working sound features. In Windows 7 you can hack your way around to import sound in a basic way, but even that doesn’t work 100% of the time.

Our developers are looking into a way of allowing Pencil2D not only to import sound and movies, but to export those as well. This has been appointed as a milestone (obligatory feature) for the upcoming next version (0.6) However I can’t give you an ETA right now, because the developers are volunteers so they work in the project on their spare time. For now I can only ask you to take a look at the FAQ & Tutorial pages to solve common problems with the download version.



You can export image sequences, but you’ll have to create the video in a different program. There’s a tutorial for that as well using Pencil2D & Blender.

If you need to analyze sound phonemes for animation I know scrubbing sound is the way to go, but for now you can use the free software Papagayo created by the same guys that did the commercial app Anime Studio, and use that as a solution to plan your animation frames for lip-sync.

However if you’re looking to use sound cues for an action scene, you could use also Blender to import the audio there and scrub through the track to analyze which frames have the sound accents you need to be aware of and tune to your drawings. (Please look for a tutorial on how to enable audio scrubbing in Blender VSE)

For now these are the only real solutions I can give to you meanwhile we wait for a new stable version.

Lastly a fair warning: if you ever update to MAC OSX “El Capitan” Only newer development versions of Pencil2D (and whatever stable version we release later on) will work with it. Those you can find here:

Hope this helps.