Pencil can't read file, prompts error warning


I would like to share my problem. Yesterday, I was doing animation on pencil, as usual, but this morning the animation that I’ve saved from last night can not be opened with the warning: Pencil cannot read this file. If you want to import images, use the command import. Could you please help me to get the animation back ? It has around 35 frames (last around 7 sec with 14 fps) and when I get the older version it bring me back to ~15 frames which mean like I m losing a lot of work hour :frowning:

PS: New users cannot send attachment which mean I won’t be able to give the file, or maybe via mail ?

PSS: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is not my first language.

PSS: I’ve already done animation with more frames than 25~35 so I don’t think that it has a deal with it, version of pencil is v0.5.4 I guess, this is the first time I get this issue.

edit : last version is 35 frame, the “finished” one should be around 70, please help :c

@Alpx Hey Eddy, sorry to hear about your issues.

If you want to send us the file please upload it to some platform like google drive, dropbox or and share the link here (we can delete it once your issue is solved if that’s what you want)

We can attempt to help you recover your work partially, however depending on how the file got corrupted, some drawings might be saved but the absolute position of the drawings will not, so at least having a previous backup will help much more when things like these happen.

In this forum there’s a guide to recover files. You can follow it here as well to understand better what I’m talking about: Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide

Either way for now:

  1. Update to use the latest version of the software. We don’t support any version under 0.6.2 anymore.
  2. When saving be very careful of not closing the software until it finishes saving. If there’s a blackout or your dog chewed the power cord, be prepared to follow that guide again.