Pencil 2d should make a plug in for pencil 2d

I love pencil 2d I use it every day but does pencil 2d have a plug in that I can use it with or does pencil 2d have a plug in all in all anyway i think you should make some sort of add on with pencil 2d for a plug in what do you think :relaxed:

If you don’t know what a plug in is you can get them of the google web store they are also none as google add ons

Thank you, we do know what a plug-in is, but it seems you are referring to the Google Store add-ons, which range from simple programs that expand the browser functionality to fully realized software that does stuff the browser never intended.

While a plug-in in a general sense is a piece of software that extends a base program, we do intend to have a plug-in architecture for Pencil2D in the foreseeable future, or at least it’s been requested to happen. However the plug-ins would have to be custom made by other developers and in accordance to what would be called the API (Application Programming Interface) which Pencil2D currently doesn’t expose. These plug-ins would certainly be related to animation or graphic art.

With that said, there is simply no possibility to have “google store”, “apple store” , “windows store” or any other “store” type of add-ons work in pencil2D as the technologies are different and licensing would be a pain to sort. But if you or any other person made an addon, the developer has the freedom to apply their own license to the creation, and while using the to-be-created API, you could for example create a plug-in to open spreadsheets in Pencil2D; that would be indeed possible.

For now it’s a matter of:

  1. Building the API to expose the Pencil2D objects so other developers can modify the software without touching the source code (possibly via a scripting language like Python)
  2. Creating the plug-in architecture to register whatever kind of plugin as a valid extension for the program
  3. (Have a plug-in repository (github), asset libary (repo + GUI) OR marketplace ($$$ ?) to allow people to create and share (free or not) their plugins with the community (e.g. Pixel art tools, video editing tools, to be used inside Pencil2D, etc).

Each of these steps will take a massive amount of time, so it’s possible we won’t be seeing such functionality anytime soon unless an experienced developer dedicates solely to implementing this.


Thank you for your reply