Pencil 2d in progress

I am having a big problem. The pencil 2d 2015 in progress, I don’t know when it will fully be launched. I tried it and they need to fix the importing of sound, it won’t import sound,image,or image sequence. I’m can’t get flash and i was wondering if anyone knows when it will be finished or if they won’t finish it.This program is really useful and I would love to know when it will come out

Try out the newest nightly build, the sound works on the newer builds.

They’re not working with a lot of programmers right now. If we want the program to come out sooner, we need to show it to other programmers who have time, and use the program to make animations. Even if it keeps moving slowly, you should stay with it. I believe it will become a awesome program, it’s improved a lot from when I first found it a few years ago.

@carolmixed Hey, the thing with open source software, or any other kind of software is that it is in a perpetual state of development. Commercial software has more money so they pack more features, while open source runs on human talent.

If you have windows here’s a video tutorial on how to download the latest version for Pencil2D with working sound and video export. The video import is still not ready, but the image sequence import is working, although the version that is displayed in the video has an issue with that, it has already been fixed this year.

Basically with Pencil2D you have to stay on the edge.

p.s. If you have a MAC you can still follow the same idea to download, but to install youll have to use the .APP thingy that MAC has.