Pencil 2d crash

All of a sudden I was working on my animation and it just started loading, and I couldn’t click anything! The weird thing is that it was very small and only 12 frames but it still didn’t work. (I’m planning on getting a new software, but i don’t want to lose my animation, please help)

I had to force quit and it luckily saved nvm but you should still fix the problem

@JJJcool Hi. Sorry to hear you had some issues. In these cases to improve the chances of helping the users of Pencil2D developers require learning about a few things:

  1. What operating system are you using? is it Windows, Mac, Linux? what version? windows 10, Mac 10.11, Ubuntu?
  2. What version of Pencil2D are you using? go to Help > About, to find out and paste whatever it says there please.
  3. If your program crashes or malfunctions repeatedly due to the same behavior then posting what you did before it crashed or stopped working will help a lot (you already mentioned this though, thanks!)

Without this minimal info it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly the problem is. Also here are a few pointers:

a. Pencil2D has an autosave feature that you can configure. You need to save your file at least once for it to work and you can change the time between “auto-saves” in the menu Edit > Preferences > Files > Number of modifications.
b. You need to save Pencil2D at least once so whatever you worked will be written onto the disk as actual files. Otherwise they will remain in memory and after a while it will crash guaranteed.
c. When saving do not interrupt the process, or it is highly possible that the file will corrupt itself. If a blackout or some other phenomenon happened that turned off your computer while saving, please follow this guide to attempt to recover your work Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide
d. Try to keep several copies of your work files so you have files to fallback in case the files get corrupted.

If you get other software, that’s great, but bear in mind that there is no perfect application, and If you want I can tell you horror stories about my own work with big brand products like Adobe Animate, After Effects, Maya and more. So don’t think that by getting more expensive software you will be “safe”, instead plan accordingly and always assume the application will go bad when you least expect it. That way you can have backups and instead of losing a month of work, you’ll only lose a few hours at most.

Have fun :slight_smile:

@JJJcool I forgot, here’s a list of other software that was curated for the Pencil2D tumblr blog. Hope you find it useful for your work :smile:

Hello! I noticed a big bug yesterday.

I turned on camera layer and push “M” (It’s standard shortcut for tool MOVE) and it crushed! I tried many times but it always the same = (

It’s a new version 6.2 for Mac

I don’t know what to do!

@GreyBaloon88 [2019] This issue has been already fixed. Please download the latest stable version of Pencil2D at

This has been fixed already, please use the latest nightly build found at for mac

The most recent development version is from January 28th 2019.

It will also be shipped with the upcoming 0.6.3 release as well. But the development build should fix that for your particular problem.

Also if you have any issue with your tablet drawing, developers are fixing that as well. No worries :slightly_smiling_face: