Pencil 2D compatibility with windows 10?

I’ve been getting the annoying little pop up on my computer reminding me about getting windows 10 for free and before I consider downloading it I want to know if any pencil users are running windows 10 and their experience with it and running pencil.

I am using Windows 10 and Pencil2d runs fine for me :slight_smile:

@noodles From a few bug reports we’ve had so far we’ve seen a decreased compatibility with windows 10, however our developers are aware of that and several bugs that have been reported for windows 10 have been under investigation.

From a windows user to another windows user. I still use Windows 7. Almost every software out there is still too “green” in regards to compatibility with Windows 10. I’m going to wait about 3 more years before even consider switching, because Microsoft usually tends to patch the heck out of all their OS versions through a lengthy timeframe.

If you ever decide to switch to Windows 10, we’ll make sure that it has proper compatibility but right now we’re focusing on stabilizing the app and fixing bugs to be used by as broad an audience as possible. Cheers.

@Jose Moreno Thanks for the much needed info, I think I’ll stay with my current os for awhile.

Also I’d love to give everyone a hug on the pencil team, please keep up the good work!

I am one of these bug reports on Windows 10. I’ve just tried the 14 jan version but still no working on my computer!!! hope in a fixed one soon!!


@giannijk Maybe you could reset your computer to it’s previous OS for the time being?

@Nick That’s good to hear! I think I’ll stay with windows 8 for now…Some of my other painting programs have been known to not mix well with windows 10 :^)

Well,all the previous version (2014 ) just works fine on my win 10. it’s only 2015/16 don’t. So i’ll stick with them until the fixed one will arrive.(one day).but you can be luckier than me and have no problems installing win 10,you can tray e restore your old system if you wish!


Oh I see! The nightly builds aren’t stable enough for me to do serious work in, but they’re a definite improvement so far.

@noodles I currently am using windows 10, and it seems to be working fine for me. There are some rare crashes, but that seems to be prevalent in all versions, and users have already reported the bugs for it. All I have to do is wait for the stable version to come out.


Comparing it to my wine arch Linux setup, running pencil in Windows 10 works very well. Also comparing it to an old windows 7 computer I used pencil on, again it works well. I haven’t personally found any Windows 10 exclusive bugs or crashes. Just btw I am using the Jan 14 build.

Also if you have found any Windows 10 exculcive bugs report it right away. Just be as specific as possible.

yes 2014 nigthly build works very well in my win 10 indeed. Just 2016 Version don’t!