Pencil 2D Bugs are ridiculous

During my 2-3 hour attempt at animating, I’ve noticed that pencil is the most buggy thing of all time. I’ve tried to draw a line and when I let go of my pencil, it goes away. I’ve had this problem after 3-5 slides and have to restart my pencil (Which takes forever). The scrolling bar at the bottom skips by 10,000 slides per centimeter as well. Another bug I encountered was pencil 2d saving by itself without my consent. I’ll be working on my project and then it just starts saving. I need help with these problems.

Hi Leon,

Firsly, can you post some details about your system? It helps the developers pinpoint the problem faster when they know what operating system and graphics card you are using as well as what version of Pencil2D you are running.

As a workaround, try selecting the move tool (mouse pointer) and clicking inside the scribble area. That always makes the pencil lines reappear for me.

For the timeline skips, check in Edit->Preferences->Timeline->Timeline_Size_In_Frames to make sure that your timeline doesn’t have an absurd number of frames like 1000000. That could make scrubbing with the scroll bar behave like that. New builds of Pencil2D include alternate methods of scrubbing the timeline like Shift+Scroll_Wheel while hovering over the timeline and clicking the scroll_wheel to drag the timeline.

You can deactivate autosaving under Edit->Preferences->Files->Enable_Autosave. If that’s not it, then check your shortcut keys to make sure that you don’t have save set to something weird (Edit->Preferences->Shortcuts->SaveAs/SaveFile).

best of luck

@leonxu Hey, sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Gregory has been nice enough to say and ask what must be asked in these cases, but today I simply don’t have the empathy.

So let me say that you’re right. Pencil2D is the most buggy animation software in existence. Someday it will be fixed, but it will take time, patience and nerves of steel.

I understand you are frustrated, but Pencil2D won’t be able to do whatever you want it to do right now, so the only thing I can do is forward you to this post on our tumblr blog which outlines several other free / commercially cheap animation software. This way you might be able to complete your project.

Take care.